The Core CTEC
AAC Assessment & Training Team

Take a behind the scenes peek at the dedicated individuals of CTEC.

Photo of Stephanie Maki.

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CTEC Program Manager

Stephanie has been an integral part of CTEC’s day to day operations for several years. Now as CTEC’s Program Manager, she continues to strive to provide a positive, client centered experience for our clients, and an invigorating, forward-thinking environment for CTEC staff. With more than 20 years of experience in administrative support, Stephanie effectively ensures all details are in place to keep CTEC running smoothly.

Photo of Eric Salter.

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Speech-Language Pathologist

Eric received his Master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology from California State University Sacramento. He has been providing assessment, training and consultation services with CTEC for several years and has presented workshops on Alternative and Augmentation Communication (AAC) at local conferences. Eric enjoys working with people of all abilities and is passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential to participate in their communities.

Photo of Joanne Conner.

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After a rewarding career as a speech-language pathologist, Joanne is happy to have found a home here at CTEC as an AAC Trainer. For most of her professional career, Joanne worked in the public schools in Washington State with all ages ranging from preschoolers to adults. Over the years, Joanne has had the opportunity to work in community clinics, hospitals and nursing homes as well. A desire to help others who have difficulty communicating find opportunities to express themselves guided her career choice. Being a part of a communication support team continues to be a joyous and worthy pursuit for Joanne.

Photo of Samantha Compton.

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Samantha is the newest member of CTEC’s Admin Team. She comes to CTEC with a positive and joyful attitude and 10 years of customer service experience. Samantha loves to work with people face-to-face or via the phone/computer. As one of our schedulers, it is her goal to provide exceptional customer service, provide assistance and solutions when needed and to complete the interaction with a smile on both sides of the conversation.

Photo of Kristen Carroll.

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Lead Speech-Language Pathologist

Kristen has been providing assessment, training and consultation services with a focus on Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) for over 30 years. She has presented at numerous state and national conferences on topics encompassing AAC evaluation, device set-up, vocabulary, training and service delivery. With Bonnie Mintun, she conducted the needs assessment and created the business plan and program design to get CTEC up and running. Since opening the doors in January, 2009, Kristen has been at the forefront of CTEC’s focus on maintaining high expectations for all and allowing the individual to lead the process in determining appropriate devices, systems, and strategies to support their communication.

Photo of Talore Mee, M.S. CCC-SLP.

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Talore Mee started with CTEC as a part time AAC Trainer during her coursework at CSU Sacramento. She completed her clinical fellowship in acute rehab, serving people with acquired neurological disorders. Talore recently re-joined CTEC as a Speech-Language Pathologist to continue her career serving people using AAC. Talore is passionate about team collaboration and education to increase positive communication experiences.

Photo of Sharon Sundman-Schultz.

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AAC Trainer

After leaving a long career in Respiratory Therapy, Sharon received her Bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2014 from California State University Sacramento. She volunteered with CTEC a few years ago and was excited to expand her knowledge and skills in the area of Augmentative & Alternative Communication. She has recently joined the CTEC team as a part-time AAC trainer. Sharon's desire is to support individuals of all ages and abilities to gain increased communication independence through AAC systems, devices, and strategies.

Photo of Keri Lohr.

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In her position as Administrative Assistant/Scheduler here at CTEC, Keri is often the first point of contact when you call or come to our office. She has a widely diverse background with more than experience in corporate, non-profit and government work environments. Keri is a valued part of the CTEC team as she strives to welcome everyone with a smile and tries to ensure every client interaction is courteous and compassionate. At the same time, she works diligently to fill our clinical calendars for maximum efficiency.

Photo of Pippa Bellamy.

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Speech-Language Pathologist

Pippa has been in the field of AAC for over a decade, working as a specialist speech language pathologist, providing assessment, training programs, and direct intervention for both children and adults. She completed her PhD in 2013, researching how children who use AAC devices can communicate stories in the educational environment. She has presented her research at multiple international conferences, as well as producing academic publications from her work. Pippa has been part of the CTEC team for over five years and loves supporting our clients to participate in communication across home, education, employment and the wider community.

Photo of Elena Rast.

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AAC Trainer II

Elena is an experienced Occupational Therapist from Germany. She has worked for 10 years in various settings of neurological rehabilitation for adults in Germany and Switzerland before moving to the United States with her family. Her professional experiences are in all stages of rehabilitation, from intensive care to outpatient settings. Elena joined the CTEC team in 2019 and currently brings her OT knowledge to her work as an AAC Trainer. Elena enjoys working with clients of all ages. It is her desire to help her clients reach their personal goals and enable them to participate in all aspects of life.

Photo of Mia Medina.

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AAC Trainer

Mia received her Bachelor’s degree from Western Oregon University with a major in Communication Studies back in June 2020. She is currently working towards her SLPA certification at American River College and joined the CTEC team as an AAC Trainer in April 2024. Mia finds great fulfillment in helping individuals learn to communicate and socialize with their AAC devices and hopes to continue growing in the speech-language pathology field.

CTEC Mentors

Photo of Kristen Lyall.

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Photo of Jaycee Beal.

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I am Jaycee Beal. I am a 22 year old woman who has cerebral palsy and I am from a small town near Auburn. I graduated high school in 2021. I am an ALTA client and just went into my second year of SDP. I currently have found a support staff that helps me with my life skills and helps me get out in the community. I am really passionate about encouraging people to use their assistive technology so everyone has the same opportunity to have a successful conversation. I started mentoring with CTEC in March of 2023.

Photo of Kate Iliff.

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Photo of Kristine O'Keefe.

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